Additional Color Resources

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The internet contains a large number of color resources. These are some of our favorites.

Color Palettes

  • ColourLovers — ColourLovers gives people (mostly designers, but there are plenty of amateurs on the site as well) the opportunity to share color palettes, patterns, and individual colors.
  • Paletton — Paletton allows visitors to create a variety of color palettes, view how they appear to people with various forms of color blindness, view them as both light and dark websites, and export them in a variety of formats.
  • Color Palette Generator — Provide a [URL] to an image, and Color Palette Generator will generate a color palette based on the dominant colors in the image.

Other Resources

  • Color Hex — Input a hex code, and Color Hex will give you lots of useful information about that color. Most of the color names contained in the color manual come from Color Hex.
  • Encycolorpedia — Encycolorpedia also presents a lot of information about individual colors, along with gradients, tints, color palettes, and similar paint colors (!).

Older Resources

Although modern monitors are capable of displaying millions of colors, this was not always the case.