Dashboard (WordPress)

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How to use WordPress
WordPress is an easy to use content management system that lets you add, delete, or edit content on your website as easy as writing an email.


These screencaps are from WordPress 4.6.1
They may appear different in earlier or later versions of WordPress

The Dashboard in WordPress 4..6.1

The Dashboard is the first thing a user sees when entering the WordPress backend.

Under a default installation, four modules are immediately visible: "At a Glance", "Activity", "Quick Draft", and "WordPress News".

Welcome Message

The welcome message on a fresh WordPress install.

A fresh installation of WordPress shows a default welcome message with a variety of handy links. You can make it go away by pressing the "Dismiss" button, however it is not possible to bring this message back.

"At a Glance"

Wp dashboard 002.png

This module displays current statistics such as:

  • The number of current posts
  • The number of current pages
  • The number of categories
  • The number of tags
  • How many comments have been approved
  • How many comments are awaiting moderation
  • The current theme and the number of widgets being used
  • The current version of WordPress installed


Wp dashboard 003.png

This area displays a list of recently published posts, along with with their comments.

Note: This area only display's the current (logged-in) user's drafts, including their comments. Drafts by other users are not displayed, even for Editors and Admins.

"Quick Draft"

Wp dashboard 004.png

This module allows you to quick and easily draft a blog post. After clicking on "Save Draft", you can later edit it and publish it from the post panel.

"WordPress News"

Wp dashboard 005.png

This module contains the latest news about WordPress. Intended mainly for developers, you can safely ignore it.

Changing Modules

The screen options allow you to choose which modules to display.

Modules are not static. You have several ways to optimize them:

  • You can choose which modules are displayed by using the screen options tab in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard.
  • Modules can be rearranged by grabbing their title bar and moving them up, down, or sideways.
  • Modules can be expanded or contracted by clicking on the module title bar.