Secure Passwords

From d12 Web Design Manuals

Some websites (especially those that use a CMS) require the use of a password.

Most authorities recommend that a password have the following characteristics:

  • Consists of at least eight characters
  • Contains a mix of upper- and lower-case characters
  • Contains at least a single number
  • Contains at least one symbol, such as !, *, #, etc.
  • Does not contain a word found in the dictionary

Even with strong passwords, however, the best way to keep your password secure is to never give it to anybody. d12 will never request your password, either via email, phone call, or social media. Do not respond to any requests for your password.

The following articles have additional information on generating or maintain secure passwords:

If, like most people, you prefer (or need to) write down your passwords, we suggest doing it in a secure way. We suggest using a Password Card.