Selecting a Domain Name

From d12 Web Design Manuals

This is a list of criteria to follow when selecting a domain name:

  • Your domain name should be as simple as possible. "" may accurately describe how you feel about your website, but keep in mind that you will be saying this whenever you give someone your site address, and they will need to type it into their browser.
  • You will have this domain name for a long time. Pick something that you can live with.
  • If you are using your website for professional purposes, be sure to select something that sounds professional.
  • While you can register any domain name you want, keep in mind that selecting something like "" may bring you some unwanted attention from the lawyers at Burger King. You are responsible for what you use your domain for, including libel. (Per the TOS, you are responsible for any legal actions you incur as a result of your web site.)