Toolbar in WordPress

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How to use WordPress
WordPress is an easy to use content management system that lets you add, delete, or edit content on your website as easy as writing an email.


These screencaps are from WordPress 4.6.1
They may appear different in earlier or later versions of WordPress

The Toolbar is a WordPress tool that appears in your site's backend that gives you quick access to commonly used WordPress tools.

Left Side

Wp toolbar 001.png

The left side of the Toolbar provides, in order from left to right:

  • A link to resources.
  • A link to the frontend of your own website.
  • The number of comments awaiting moderation.
  • The number of updates awaiting. (Not seen in this screenshot, as everything is up to date on this site.)
  • A link (+New) to creating new posts, pages, etc. (How much access this drop-down menu provides depends upon your user role.)

Right Side

Wp toolbar 002.png

The right side of the Toolbar is a menu, which drops down when you hover over it:

Wp toolbar 003.png

  • The first link (which in this case is "Contributor") takes you to your user profile.
  • The second link ("Edit My Profile") also takes you to your user profile.
  • The third link ("Logout") logs you out of your web site.

It also shows your avatar, which in this case is a robot.